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Ways I help my clients


  • Develop a brand proposition that expresses the company’s guiding ambition and the employees’ reason for belonging

  • Develop a brand narrative and make it come alive so it can be translated into all internal and external communications and expressed by everyone in and out of the business

  • Differentiate brands in a competitive or commoditized market

  • Interventions to deliver new streams of revenue such as digital channels or strategic alliances

  • ​Develop a brand portfolio strategy – prioritising product brands according to the business case

  • Business strategy meets digital strategy: working from the ground up to ensure digital development goals reflect business and marketing strategy

  • Develop integrated marketing and communications strategies across the organisation and across channels

  • Digital evolution: recommendations for development of digital infrastructure, content marketing, SEO and paid media strategies



  • Identify and overcome weaknesses in current strategy such as lack of financial basis, wrong strategic focus, reliance on existing channels

  • Identify and overcome organisational working practices which hinder performance: structure; siloed workstreams; lack of integration; action before strategy

  • Cascade strategy to flow through organisation by interpreting for departments, channels and audiences

  • Enable integration through coordination of internal departments, systems and processes

  • Exploitation of existing assets – unlocking value by applying new perspectives on owned collateral

  • Identifying outsourcing opportunities to accelerate growth or change

  • Make B2B and corporate communications as compelling and emotional as consumer communications

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